7 Best High Paying Jobs You Can Learn & Do From Home Online

Some years ago, most work-from-home online business opportunities were not really profitable. But right now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no shortage of opportunities, whether it is working from home or starting an online business.

Work from home jobs is on the rise and social distancing is only accelerating this trend.
Why should you have to sit through rush hour traffic and go to an office when you can make income online with just a computer and internet?

Work-from-home jobs are high-paying, and will even help boost your career.
Some of the jobs will require you to learn a skill but I promise you that you will earn well from these online business opportunities I’m recommending to you.

Below are seven best online business opportunities you can begin from home online.

Let’s dive in.


This is a new business model where you sell services. However, you are not the one who performs the service and you have to find someone ideally freelancers who do that.

It’s similar to dropshipping and more like a middle man business. Your job in the chain is to promote the services, generate orders, and earn profits from orders after outsourcing to freelancers.

You don’t have to learn any skill to start drop servicing. The difference between this model and dropshipping is in dropshipping, you sell physical products to your customers instead.

A customer buys a product from your dropshipping store at the retail price. You forward the customer order to your product supplier, pay the wholesale price, have your supplier process the order after paying and your customer gets the product shipped.

In drop servicing, you promote services instead of physical products. For example, you can find clients that need painting jobs and charge the client $30000. Then, you pay a crew to do it for $20000 and make a $10,000 profit.

You could find freelancers on freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr to outsource your orders to.


Blogging could be very substantial when done right. On your blog, you write reviews about products and services. And at the end, you put your link to take people to a video or some write-ups on the product or services and get paid when people buy the products or make use of the services.

Blogging is also a high paying business of its own. It is not an easy one and takes consistency and patience. An example of a great blogger is Jeff Rose. He has a site called good financial cents.

He teaches you about finance, not too professional, and infuses a little humor in his posts. Jeff went from just working in an office, started his own blog business, and then eventually sold his office business.

Now, blogging is all he does. He just has his awesome blog and he talks about making a ton of profit on every blog post.


A sales funnel builder is a software focused on the conversion-optimization process of turning a lead into a customer.

And a sales funnel has forms to get visitors information and takes them through a sales process as fast as possible. Most successful online business owners or entrepreneurs use a sales funnel and even have more than one.

Whether you use Dropfunnels or ClickFunnels, you still need a highly converting sales funnels built to make sales. And most times, its time consuming and just faster to hire someone to build it for you.

A sales funnel builder builds sales funnels that helps you automate the process of guiding your potential customers through what process of learning what they need to know before becoming a customer.

For example, When a customer comes to McDonald’s to get a hamburger, A sales funnel helps you know if the customer would like an extra-large bottle of coke with it so as to increase sales.

Building a sales funnel is time-consuming so it is easier to just pay somebody to be a sales funnel builder. Here is a tip: pick one funnel building platform and get really good at it. Then, reach out to businesses by emailing them or messaging them on social media and ask if they would want funnel built for them.

If their business is still kind of growing, then educate them on sales funnel and all its benefits. Some would rather not pay you much at the beginning for funnel building services because their businesses are still kind of growing. But once they grow and expand, the more you are going to be paid.


SEO is the process of improving your site to increase its visibility for relevant searches. The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more likely you are to garner attention and attract prospective and existing customers to your business.

For example, if you have a blog and you write really well but you don’t know how to do SEO, your potential site visitors and customers won’t be able to easily see your blog posts when they search for a particular word or phrase on the search engine.

A search engine optimization (SEO) manager is a person who knows how to properly optimize a site for a search engine like Google.

They know which keywords and phrases to use so that people can easily find you on search engines like Google or Bing. Most people suck at SEO so SEO managers are really in demand, and hired frequently making it a really high paying job.

You can learn to be an SEO manager by taking a series of online courses focused on search engine optimization.


Most people don’t do any of the legwork in their business because either they don’t know how to or just one or few people cannot do that huge amount of work. Because of this, they resort to hiring someone who can do it.

Whether it’s a graphics artist, web designer, video editor, or even a social media manager, you can get hired by business as a contractor.

Take a social media manager, for example. Social media managers are in charge of representing a business or brand across various social channels as the sole voice of the brand.

They respond to comments, run social media campaigns, and create content for this brand. They also provide the brand with the guidance needed to enhance their online presence. What you have to do as a social media manager is to manage social media accounts and it is a very lucrative job.

A lot of people are hiring contractors to do all kinds of stuff and it is not just about entrepreneurs but other businesses that need this. There are businesses that don’t know that they need this. Call the owners of the business, send them an email, pitch your services to be contracted, and get paid when you are contracted.


Pinterest is an app where you can look up pictures of products, services, entertaining memes, and anything visual.

A lot of people use Pinterest for advertisement but don’t really know how to manage an account so they don’t know how to properly utilize it. Businesses hire people to manage their Pinterest account and pay really well.

Take an online course on Pinterest to get the hang of it then reach out to people. Email, message them, and send a sample to show that you know what you are doing.

Even if you don’t start as a manager, you could start out by simply helping the individual or business. Here is a Tip – look up a couple of people’s Pinterest account (mainly women), see if they are even utilizing their Pinterest account.

Reach out to them if they’re not, convince them that Pinterest could be used for business promotions and advertisement. Educate them on all the benefits and you stand a chance to be hired as a Pinterest manager.


A YouTuber is someone who posts videos on youtube and the videos either educate or entertain people. A YouTuber can not only teach people but can monetize off of youtube.

If you have a thousand subscribers and four thousand views, people can pay you to advertise their goods or services on your channel.

You can also make money from teaching people online, sponsorship, and also affiliate marketing (reviewing someone’s products and services in your videos and telling your audience to buy via your link).

Being a youtube is not easy and you are not going to get a ton of subscribers in the beginning. The first several videos that you do are not going to be really nice because it is really difficult.

Being a YouTuber means you have to be consistent and patient to do great. YouTube gives you the best way to share content that is stuck in your heads and get paid for it.


Working from home is a dream of many. And thanks to technology and innovation around the world, that dream is coming true for more people than ever.

If you want a high paying work-from-home job, you’ll need to research and develop the skills required for many of these jobs. You might also need to take a few online courses, get practical experience and you are good to go.

All these seven jobs I listed above are lucrative and can easily be learned and done from staying at home. So, go ahead and try one or all of them if you can.

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