20 Youtube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face In 2021



With over two billion active users and over 50 million people creating content actively, YouTube is one of the biggest search engines and social networks used in the world.

And with that enormous audience, It’s a pretty good place to make money while doing something you love. Your content is guaranteed to fetch a decent amount of money.

Many people want to start creating content on YouTube and become very successful.

But many of them are afraid of showing their face on YouTube videos. They are uncomfortable showing themselves in their videos, because of security, being shy, and a lot of other reasons.

Some people are afraid of the shame and judgment they may have to face from their friends and acquaintances and some may have other problems to be seen on YouTube.

Content creators discontinue the idea of starting a YouTube channel for their fear of being seen on videos on YouTube.

But what if there was a way you can be a successful YouTubers and get all of the huge opportunities that YouTube has to offer even with your fear of being seen on videos?

You’re at the right place!

This post will show you 20 amazing ideas you can execute on your YouTube channel without being seen on video.

Let’s jump in!

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#1: Animation

An animator is an artist who merges lots of images to create a mirage of a movement called animation when displayed in rapid sequence.

You can create animated videos using already made templates and characters for your YouTube channel using Animaker.

Animaker is a do-it-yourself online software that can be used in creating and editing animations. The software will teach you and show you how to make animations.

Plus, they have a YouTube Channel where they post videos on how to make animations using animation.

You can add music or voice over to your animation videos. You can also hire a freelancer from Fiverr to help you do it.

If you don’t want to pay for creating animation videos, there are other things you can do. For example, Angry Prash (an Indian YouTuber) started a YouTube channel with an image he created on MS paint and now he has 2million+ subscribers.

As an animator, you can make up to 500 dollars per month.

#2: Tech

You can start a YouTube channel where you talk about tech products or information about technology.

An example of a tech channel is Insane Curiosity. Insane Curiosity aims to explain tech news, advice, pieces of information, and experiences. Their videos mostly come with voiceovers and video clips.

Starting a tech YouTube channel without showing your face, you can get video clips from tech companies by asking them. Most of them will grant your wish because it gives them free advertisement while helping your YouTube channel grow to make a win-win scenario.

Some Tech YouTubers make around $2000 per month with AdSense only. You can also earn money with affiliate marketing (by promoting other products in your videos) to make extra money that way.

#3: Product Reviews & DIY Products

This is another amazing idea for running a YouTube channel without having to show your face.

You can create videos reviewing products while showing the product in your hands or just showing the product. This does not require showing our face, just your hands.

An example of this kind of YouTube channel is Hacktuber. Hack Tuber has 1.4 million subscribers and over 250 million views.

This channel is mostly about hacks, how to’s, and random videos. In his videos, you just see his hand and you don’t see his face because he is doing things just with his hands. You can make around 5000 dollars per month with this idea.

#4: Statistics

You can create videos showing statistics on various topics such as countries, football, music, and so on.

An example of this kind of YouTube channel is Global Stats. This channel is starting to get popular and has about 10 thousand subscribers with about 15 – 60 thousand views on a video.

Their videos are always exciting to watch, and you can earn up to $5000 per month with this kind of YouTube channel.

#5: Lifehack

With this kind of YouTube channel, you simply create videos for solving life problems.

An example of this YouTube channel is 5 Minutes Crafts. 5 minutes craft has over 70 million subscribers and most of its videos have over 1 million views without them having to show their face.

If you want to have a life hack channel without having to do anything, you can outsource everything and pay someone for all of the work including adding music and voiceover to your videos.

They make about $500,000 per month with this channel.

#6: Meditation

Some YouTubers have channels where they create meditation videos. An example of this channel is Soothing Relaxation. On this channel, you can find motivational and inspirational videos that help you relax and meditate.

Soothing Relaxation has about 6 million subscribers, and their videos are made up of video clips and music. You could easily go on Fiverr and pay someone to do it for you.

And if you wanted to create such videos by yourself, you could go to Pixabay, Pexels, or Envato elements.

There, you can get music and pictures for your videos at the same place. You can create videos for your mediation channel yourself for free if you want to or you could outsource it and just pay someone on Fiverr.

#7: Financial

These kinds of YouTube channels talk about how the financial market and economy works.

An example is Wealth Hacker. Wealth Hacker is a channel owned by Jeff Rose that teaches you new ways of growing wealth. You’re probably thinking or asking yourself if his face will probably appear in the video.

Yes, he does, but you could also create this kind of YouTube channel without showing your face with research.

When he puts out a video titled “How I built seven streams of income” for instance, you could do research on seven streams of income (or pay someone to look it up) and then create a video with just video slides or pictures and have a voice-over.

Also on his channel, you could find a video of how to invest $1000. Research investing and make a video using pictures or video clips.

#8: Luxury

This YouTube channel focuses on premium and luxurious products. An example is Mr. Luxury. Mr. Luxury has about 500 thousand subscribers.

Since the videos are just pictures, video clips, and music, you can outsource them to Fiverr or do it yourself. Get the clips together on Pexels or Pixabay which is free to use. And you can also use Envato elements which aren’t free but it’s affordable to get music and put everything together.

There’s a way you could do it all for nothing if you wanted to or easily hire a freelancer for it. With this YouTube channel, you can earn around $1000 per month which is pretty decent.

#9: Stock Footage

If you want to create awesome videos on YouTube without showing your face, consider using only stock videos.

You can use stock images available for free from different websites such as Unsplash and free stock videos from sites like Pixabay and Pexels.

An example of this YouTube channel is Brainy dose and they earn around 5000 dollars per month.

#10: Kid Toys

As the name goes, this YouTube channel has to do with kid toy reviews, DIY toy projects, and more. An example of this channel is Doctor Squish.

In the YouTube channel, she squishes toys and mostly does not appear in the videos. Only her hands appear and most of the time, she is just cutting up toys and squishing them.

While cutting the squishes, she talks about cutting them and children love this channel a lot. She makes about $4000 per month.

#11: Presentation Slides

This YouTube channel creates videos about various topics using presentation slides.

An example of this channel is Permission to Exist. This YouTube channel educates people using researched and scientific data all put together in slides.

You can use presentation slides created with Microsoft Powerpoint or Keynote and use them to create voice-over videos. You can also create slides with Google Slides for your videos.

There are several, free ways to create your slides and it’s easy to do it yourself. But if not, you can go and hire someone on Fiverr which is affordable.

You can have a voice over if you want to and if not, just use free music from YouTube. With this kind of YouTube channel, you can make about $200 per month just from AdSense.

Don’t forget you can do affiliate marketing to make way more money on that.

#12: Creepy Videos

Making creepy videos on your channel does not require your face being shown in the video.

You can research creepy things that have happened or use a script of a scary story to create your videos. An example of this YouTube channel is Slapped Ham.

In this YouTube channel, they hire somebody to go out and just research creepy stuff that could have happened like ghosts and then make videos over it. And they will pay someone to do the voiceover.

Another example is Mr. Nightmare. They record scary stories with just their voice and pictures. If you need a scary story, have someone write it for you on Fiverr and they could even do your voice over.

You can completely outsource all the tasks on Fiverr and pay freelancers who do this kind of job for a small fee.

#13: Travel

Travel is one of the most popular categories on YouTube. If you love traveling, then you can create travel videos even without showing your face.

Pick your camera, take beautiful shots of places you visit, add music, and create a beautiful video. You can also include drone shots if you want.

An example of this kind of YouTube channel is Revel which has about 12,000 subscribers. They just put pictures or clips of travel destinations and music together.

To know some of the topics you can use yourself, look for some most popular videos on the channel, and steal their topic ideas.

They make about $100 monthly but you’re going to make more than when you also do affiliate marketing.

#14: Quiz

Quiz or riddle videos are viral on YouTube, and you can use animation or stock videos and add music to make your videos.

You can do those easily yourself or outsource to freelancers on Fiverr. An example of this kind of YouTube channel is 1 Million Tests.

On this YouTube channel, you’ll find videos in different kinds of categories with relatable quizzes. They make about $30,000 per month which is a pretty good amount of revenue.

#15: Gaming

Gaming is yet another successful niche on YouTube. Many successful YouTubers first started with game streaming and gameplay videos.

Pewdipie started as a gamer and is the #1 YouTuber with the highest number of subscribers.

An example of this YouTube channel is Game Statistics. They usually make use of animation videos and video clips for their videos. They have about 3000 subscribers but still, make a decent amount of revenue.

#16: Listicles

This kind of YouTube channel is for lists. For example, there could be videos on the top 10 music videos, top 10 best videos, most-watched YouTube videos, and so on.

An example is Mojo.com which has about 20 million subscribers. You can use pieces of video clips and place them together like top 20 sequels. You bring video clips of several sequels and put them together.

When you get a topic, look it up, write your script, don’t show your face, and simply do a voice-over. Find relevant images, stock footage, or your clips, record a voice-over, and publish them. They make about $200,000 per month.

#17: Review

Review channels are popular, and you can do reviews of various products and services.

An example is Think Media with about 1.5 million subscribers. This is a review channel on cameras and although they showed their faces in their videos, you can do the same without showing your face.

They earn up to $10,000 per month and also earn money through affiliate marketing.

Also, you can start a review channel on cooking and create videos without showing your face. Show your ingredients and focus your camera on the gas or oven. Then, show your audience how you mix and stir stuff with just your hand.

It’s possible to create awesome cooking videos without showing your face.

#18: Animal

YouTubers in this niche make videos about animals. An example is Funny Cat Life which is a channel mainly about cats. The channel has over 150,000 subscribers and they get their footage from people sending in their videos. A lot of cat owners will want their four-legged friends to be featured on the popular platform so Funny Cat Life gets lots of footage.

All they do is edit the footage(s) received, add music and the video is made. They make about $10000 per month which is pretty good.

Another example is Animal Facts with about 130,000 subscribers doing the same thing as Funny Cat Life. The only difference is animal facts are for dogs.

You can get affiliate products that can be used in the Animal niche on Clickbank.

#19: Whiteboard

This is one of the best ways to start a YouTube channel without showing your face.

In this kind of video, the creator’s images will be drawn on the screen. You can create amazing whiteboard animation videos with software like VideoScribe or Doodly.

An example of this channel is BlueFx after effects templates with 16,000 subscribers. They make about $100 per month because it is still a small channel.

#20: Health

You can do all kinds of stuff with health channels on YouTube. And most of the money that you make is going to be off of affiliate marketing. So you could check out Clickbank for products, create a video about the product, and promote your affiliate link in the YouTube video description.

An example of this channel is Ted-ed with 12 million subscribers. They make use of animation pictures, voice-overs, and music to create their videos. They make $100 per month but make a lot more from affiliate marketing.

Another example of a YouTube channel in the health niche is Natural Cures which makes voice-overs with pictures gotten from Pexels and Pixabay (completely free).

Now the editing of your videos is a very important part. You can edit your videos in Open Shot and OBS which are free software solutions. Fillmore is a premium alternative which is $59 for lifetime access.

Final Words

Not wanting to show your face in your videos should not stop you from having a profitable YouTube channel.

I hope this list of YouTube channel ideas without showing your face will help you create a YouTube channel and make money from the online video platform.

Which of these ideas do you want to try?

Let me know in the comment below.

Also, comment down below if you know of any YouTube channel idea you can try without showing your face.

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