How To Earn $10,000 Per Month Re-Uploading Content (Not Creative Commons)



In this post, I’ll show you how to find the content you can re-upload on your YouTube channel and use as your own.

And I’m also going to give you a done-for-you script to get the content for free and then upload it to YouTube so you can start making $10,000 a month.

No, it’s not Creative Commons but a different Strategy.

Let’s jump in and see how you can get content without making videos.

3 YouTube Channel That Earn by Reuploading Content

Firstly, I’m going to show you a couple of YouTube channels and how they have copy-free music while using art.

And I’ll show you how to get the music and show how to create the artwork like these YouTube channels for free.

If you don’t like this strategy of making money, I’ll show you what to promote to make money and give you a free checklist to help you create your own YouTube channel all by yourself.


The first YouTube channel is NoCopyrightSounds.

All they are doing in their videos is having an object while playing music in the background. Just doing that, they have a successful YouTube channel with over 28 million subscribers.

This means a lot of people visit these channels and listen to their music.

But are they making money?

Let’s check through Social Blade – a chrome extension to check the social and earnings stats of social media accounts.

When you install Social Blade, just click on it when you’re on any YouTube channel and you’ll get useful statistics about the YouTube channel.

For this YouTube channel, they are making an average of $600,000 monthly from AdSense.

And that’s just from AdSense alone. You can make a lot more from the type of channel.

In their videos, they have video clips and also use pictures too. This means you don’t have to use videos and you can use pictures.

There are several free sites where you can get stock images.

Check out Pexels and Pixabay for free video clips and pictures (but they’re limited). Another option is to use Envato Elements which isn’t free and you pay a small fee once yearly.

In their videos at NoCopyrightSounds, check out their description and you’ll see that they are getting their music from Soundcloud for free.

But they’re giving credit for the music.

1261 Clan

The next YouTube channel is 1261 Clan with over 75,000 subscribers. It’s a smaller channel compared to NoCopyrightSounds but I like their content.

In their videos, they have a pretty background and their logo in the middle.

They also use animation as the background while the music plays.

If you check their description, you’ll see that they have a merch store which is another way that they’re making money.

You could have an e-commerce store to make money from your channel and also explore other ways too like AdSense and affiliate marketing.

So how much are they making?

Well, Social Blade averages their earnings at $1,000 per month from AdSense.

This is great especially combined with the amount they’ll be raking in from their e-commerce store.

Vlog No Copyright Music

Here’s another one – Vlog No Copyright Music.

This one is different from the others. They’re playing no copyright music and display a picture that says “vlog no copyright”.

You can get pictures anywhere from sites like Pixabay and Pexels because they’re free.

Or you could use Envato Elements if you have a subscription.

You could also get your music for free on YouTube through YouTube music.

Vlog No Copyright Music gets their music from SoundCloud and Spotify. And they include a piece of text to add to your description so you can use the song in any of your videos for free.

So how much are they making?

They make around $26,000 monthly which shows you that they’re doing something right. They make money with AdSense putting out easy videos and you could put out a couple in a day if you want to.

Monetization Rules

To monetize your videos and YouTube channel for ads, you have to have a thousand subscribers and 4,000 watch hours to be approved for AdSense.

But if you upload regularly with this kind of video, you’ll get there in no time.

And can start making money, up to $10,000 monthly.

There are other ways to monetize your videos. You could have an e-commerce store, selling brand merch to your audience.

You can also do affiliate marketing which is pretty easy and involves you putting an affiliate link in your video description and making money when you get sales.

Where Do You Get Music?

Now, I’m going to show you two sites where you can get free music for your videos.

The coolest thing about this is that no one is doing it yet on these types of channels.

On these sites, you get popular, non-copyrighted music for free that everybody will love.

This becomes a win-win because it’s going to help the artist and it’s going to help you grow your YouTube channel and it’s going to bring in money for you.

You’ll only have to be re-uploading content and have your videos done in little or no time.


Go to SoundCloud and let’s say you like pop music, for instance. Search for pop music and then look through the results.

You shouldn’t just take music without informing the owners because that would be stealing.

So you need to find some people that want to be known and that want you to use their music since it helps them too.

You should try to aim for people that do not have millions of followers but have less engagement and would need some exposure.

When you find someone, reach out to them by sending them a message.

And if you’re confused about what your message should say, I’ll help you out.

Here’s a script that I have for you which you could send to them, word for word.

Subject Line: Love your song, would love to promote it for you.

I ran across your music on MixCloud or Soundcloud) and I wanted to let you know that I love your music.

I want to know if I could promote it to my audience for free. I have a YouTube channel and I would love to promote your song on there.

I am trying to be as selective as I can but I did like your song. I would just like your approval to upload your music to my YouTube channel. I would also include your link to MixCloud or Soundcloud in the description of the video in exchange for the right to share your music.

If you could let me know at your earliest convenience.

Thank you.

Your name.

You can also email them and add the subject line if you can get their email.

That’s it. It’s that simple, you just have to plug and play and send the exact script to them.

And they’re most likely going to say YES because you’re going to promote their music for them and in turn, help your YouTube channel with content.

It’s a win-win.

Now if you’re wondering how to get the song on SoundCloud after approval, you’ll need to download it on a special site.

Click on the particular song you want to use and copy the URL of the song page.

Then, go to SoundCloud Downloader, paste the copied URL, and download the song.


Getting music on MixCloud is pretty much the same process as SoundCloud.

I prefer MixCloud due to the feel and interface. Go into MixCloud and click on Pop to find pop music.

Then, check out the music results and click on any one you like.

And you can find the owner of the music and message them.

Alternatively, you can go to the comments section and find other similar pop creators who need promotion for their music.

Reach out to them and send them the script so they can give you the approval to use their soundtrack in your videos.

Another way to get music is by checking out videos with music you like on YouTube.

See the video description and you’ll find their email or a link to their music channel on SoundCloud or MixCloud.

Building Your Video

To build your videos, go to MusicVid to get started.

You’ll find some pre-made videos which you can use. Then, you’ll need to load the music file from your computer to add the music.

That’s all.

The music will play with video animation.

You can also try another background till you get the one you love.

And to adjust your video, go to quick settings to change the background effects, particles, spectrum, and more.

You can scale the background-size, change the speed of the particles (faster or slower), change the color, and more.

Final Words

Now, you’ve learned how to make money online on YouTube re-uploading content (not creative commons).

If for some reason you don’t like this method of making money re-uploading content, check out this link for my number one way to make money online.

It’s cheaper than a cup of coffee to get started and I think you’ll love it.

And there’s a checklist you can follow on creating a YouTube channel, step by step.

If you have any questions about this let me know in the section below.

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