How To Make Money On TikTok For Beginners

Have you been wondering where you see these other people making money on TikTok and you are wondering how you can make money and farewell especially if you are a beginner?

Have you always wondered how to monetize your TikTok account like others then you are in the right spot because it’s a lot easier than you think?

With the situation of this COVID-19 pandemic, People are looking at new ways and opportunities to make money. The internet gives us that, take social media, for example, Marketers and influencers are earning serious money and by serious money, I mean 5-7 figures. A few years ago, Instagram was mainly used for entertainment but now Instagram is now a good marketing platform

TikTok is now one of the most popular platforms. Since its release, TikTok has had over two billion downloads. They also have 800 active users and is still rising.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a popular social media app used to create, share, and discover short videos, in any desired niche or topic of your choosing. Before you can start making money, you need to take a few steps before you start earning revenue. If you want a shortcut your learning curve check out this $1 TikTok course that helps you get leads

Create Your Profile

All Marketers and influencers know that creating a profile on any profile is the basic thing to do. On your profile, state who you are and what you do or what you promote. Also, the state is your content is entertaining or for a profession. You can also have a link on your profile that leads to your blog. Note that you have to have 1000 followers to get your activation URL. If you have a business on tech talks, put a personal picture instead of a business logo.

Talk About A Subject

Pick a niche, a niche Is a specialized segment of the market for a kind of r service. Some of the popular niches on TikTok are Dance, Humor, lip-syncing videos, Cooking, Content Art, and crafts, and others. To make money, you have to choose which aspect you want to specialize in and create your content around it.

Post-Great Content

Your content should be fresh and updated, interesting, and professional. You can entertain and teach in the post. Be consistent and engage your audience. Also add trending music in your videos so that when the song is searched for, your content is being brought up, make it interesting and fun, you can always reduce the volume of the music add hashtags and trending effects too. You can also do some duet videos Make your content catchy and brands will reach out to you. You can also reach brands whose services go in line with your content. Tell them Who you are, what you do, the amount of followers and audience you have, what makes you a professional, and your accomplishments

These brands are going to be like` hey, that could be an influencer` because a lot of people when you’re just starting out and they see that you’re starting to get more audience.

they are going to go reach out to you and see if they can get you to either pay you to help them or have you talk about their brand but they’ll start off when you’re small before you get too expensive.

Ways To Make Money On TikTok

Affiliate Marketing

This is a type of marketing where you promote and sell your clients’ products and earn a certain percentage when customers purchase through you.

For example, if drop funnel software is your content, you can talk about it on a TikTok video and say this software is awesome, it’s the fastest in the world, it’s all unlimited and then in the video, this is a couple of different ways to advertise products. You can add your clients link in the video itself even if it’s not clickable, it’s there. You could also put it in the bio. The link could lead to a youtube page, a website, or an Instagram account. Encourage your viewers to follow you which will increase your audience and the number of people who will purchase products through you. You can market your own products, for example, if you sell beauty products, create and post a creative makeup tutorial video, advertise your own products, and how you can be reached in the video and you will get an increase in sales.

Selling Merchandise

You can buy products and simply resell them on TikTok.For example, you can buy a pair of shoes um and then resell it but you could also do it in the affiliate way or you could go on and find a brand that wants you to sell their products for them. So you make the video about the shoes and you can put the link in the video, You can also tell then that you’re selling shoes and that you’re selling other people’s stuff

Drop surfing

This is a new business model where you sell services. However, you are not the one who performs the service and you have to find someone ideally freelancers who do that. It is more like a middle man business. For example, if I find a great graphic artist and he charges a hundred dollars(That could be probably pretty reasonable for what he’s doing), there can be a deal between us where it can get you, people, for 150 dollars(Remember that he charges a hundred dollars) and every time I get someone for him, I get 50 dollars Imagine the amount I get from him if I get a thousand clients. You can get clients by adding a link or a way to get a hold of him, however, he wants to do it in your video or your bio. Also, add his contact information in the comments because you can’t put links anymore in the actual comments.

Final Words

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, the app itself is constantly changing and integrating more ways for users to engage and it’s never too early to learn how things work. If you can turn this into money, it would be smart to sharpen your TikTok skills right now.

While a lot of people are getting revenue and becoming popular through TikTok, it is not all easy when it comes to this great social media platform. Because it is based in China, TikTok has been put down for restriction, privacy, and child safety in some countries, it is in debate whether TikTok should be banned. The debate continues.

Nevertheless, for anyone looking to make a living revenue through TikTok, go ahead like you would when you want to begin any business venture – do your investigation and be intelligent and sharp. There are a lot of opportunities for making money on TikTok.

From drop surfing to selling merchandise on the platform. The important keynote is to consistently create quality content that your followers will love and engage with.

If you want a shortcut your learning curve check out this $1 TikTok course that helps you get leads


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