How To Make Money On Upwork [2021]


In this post, we’ll look at how you can make money on Upwork.

Making money online using a site like Upwork is a pretty smart idea and something that not a whole lot of people are actively doing.

You can make anywhere between $50 to $120 hourly on Upwork and the best part is that it’s free to join.

Let’s dive in and see how you can make money online with Upwork.

Getting Started On Upwork

Go on to Upwork website and put in “writer” or “email marketing”, you’ll find services providers and freelancers making $50 an hour and even more.

Some freelancers go on to make $100k to $400k a year selling services on Upwork.

They are doing something right and offering in-demand services that people need.

A lot of business owners need content for their blogs and social media pages. So they won’t hesitate to hire writers and copywriters.

It isn’t something that everybody is doing or that everybody even knows about.

Which makes it a great way to make money online.

But you need to have the skills and know what you are doing to succeed in making money on Upwork.

And I have two ways for you to do exactly that.

One is a low-cost, cheap means while the other one is going to be free to use.

Outsourcing Freelance Services On Upwork

The first means is going to be outsourcing to other services providers on Upwork for a lower price and making a profit.

Most of the cheap freelancers you’ll hire are usually not in the United States where the standard of living is higher.

So you could hire somebody to write content for you for cheaper rates while making sure the quality is decent too.

And then, you would pay the freelancer and keep the rest as profit.

That’s the cheaper way of doing your writing gigs while still using Upwork.

Learning Email Marketing On Hubspot Academy

There’s a freeway that involves learning to write and be a freelance writer yourself.

And you’ll be able to do everything on your own for free.

Go to Google and search for ‘Hubspot email marketing’ and then click on the relevant search result (email marketing certification course) in Hubspot academy and join for free.

The email marketing course will teach you how to create and execute an email marketing strategy that grows your business and your career.

The course is with investing time in as it will teach you a lot about email marketing. And when you’re done, you’ll get a certification.

Looking For Jobs On Upwork

Now, you can go on Upwork and look out for jobs.

You should start off charging lower rates as a new freelancer like $20 an hour. You need to charge lessee so you can get clients quickly, get reviews and build a solid reputation early on.

Once you get more gigs and get more positive reviews in return, you can now raise your rates and give it an increase.

Another to get reviews early enough is to search on Upwork for jobs and apply for them.

You’ll find a lot of job requests from various business owners on Upwork that need freelancers to write or do something for them.

So you can scroll through the list of buyer requests, pick out the ones that suit you, look at the rates and apply.

You can use a video pitch for your jobs using Zoom and let your potential clients know about you, what you can do, your certifications, and other relevant details.

Once you get popular and have a good number of clients under your belt, you can start raising your prices.

Do what you have to do to have your Upwork profile ranking on the top pages of the site.

That should be your main goal.

Also, learn to communicate well to your clients and answer your messages timely.

Reach out to potential clients and tell them how much you’re willing to help them solve their problems with your services.

When you get a lot of clients, you can start outsourcing to get other freelancers to free up your time.

This makes your life and work process easier.
But you have to do the work to get there.

So sign up on Upwork today, look for relevant job requests, get clients, stack up your reviews and start making good money.

If you have any questions about making money on Upwork, leave me a comment in the comment box below.

And I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

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