How To Make Money On YouTube Without Making Videos On A Meditation Channel

I bet this sounds funny, but there are YouTube channels for meditation. And the best thing is that anyone can set up. You do not even need to appear in the vlog or even make a video.

An example of a meditation channel is the 321 Relaxing channel, a meditation channel on YouTube with 1.2 million subscribers. They don’t do much more than taking pictures or videos, then loop it and add music to it for about two hours. The YouTube algorithm likes and favors content like this because it stays longer on their platform.

Making money on YouTube with meditation-videos is just the same thing as making money on YouTube without making videos. You don’t get to appear in the videos.

You just get pictures (and videos), loop it, add music, do a voice over if you wish to and when you get monetized, you can rent ads as long as it’s after ten minutes.

In this post, we would be discussing the steps to making money from a YouTube meditation channel.

Let’s dive in.

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Upload Once A Day

Managing a YouTube channel requires consistency, whether as a new creator just starting out with a new channel or as an experienced creator. It is essential to upload at least once every day. It doesn’t matter even if the videos are only three minutes long.

If you have a tight schedule and you won’t be able to record videos on a daily basis, then you can shoot more videos on a free day and release them on your own schedule.

Uploading videos to your youtube channel is quite easy. You can upload videos to your channel by clicking the video icon on the top right side of the window, click upload video, and select files to be uploaded on your computer.

Next, add a video description which should be a summary of what the video is about, and include key tags if you want your videos to be easily found by viewers. Then, you should pick a thumbnail from the video or upload a custom one from your computer and upload your video.


Monetizing a YouTube channel will be available to you if you have up to 1000 channel subscribers, 4000 watch hours in over twelve months, and if you comply with all the policies and guidelines of YouTube.

In recent years, YouTube has strengthened the requirements for monetization to protect its platform against spammers and impersonators trying to bring other creators down.

You will need to apply for monetization after meeting the requirements to be accepted into the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

As a YouTube partner, here are several ways you can benefit when your YouTube channel is monetized:

  • Revenue from Ads

As a YouTube partner, you will get revenue from ads that are displayed during your videos or before your videos.

  • Merchandise Sale

You can create official branded merchandise items, display them on your watch pages, and allow your viewers to purchase them.

  • Channel Membership

With a YouTube channel membership, you can make monthly payments from your viewers in exchange for your unique content.

  • Super Chat and Super Stickers

This allows you to get paid from your viewers so they can get their messages highlighted in the chat streams

  • YouTube Premium Revenue

You get a part of a subscriber’s YouTube premium fee when they watch your videos.

Each of these benefits has its own sets of eligibility rules. A common rule is that a creator must be 18 years old before enjoying these benefits.

You should also link a Google Adsense account to your YouTube channel so that you can be paid. An AdSense account can be created easily when applying for the YouTube partner program.

Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer on YouTube, you give your viewers information about other products in your videos and then add links to it so they can purchase the product if they are interested in it.

With a YouTube channel on meditation, you can make a review of various books on meditation, lifestyle, and healthy living. You do not even need to make a video for this as you can write a brief write-up about the products in your video description and include your affiliate link.

If any of your viewers make a purchase of the product using your affiliate link, you’ll receive an affiliate commission for the sale. ClickBank is a platform that has a marketplace where you can go to and get affiliate products on meditation to promote.

When signed in to your account in the ClickBank marketplace, type “meditation” in the search bar and you will get results showing different products with their plans. Click on “promote” and you’ll find your affiliate link for that particular product.

Another positive thing about affiliate marketing is the payout percentages and YouTube also tracks viewers who are clicking on the link, and a cookie is used to track what they purchase. You get a commission every time someone purchases products on that website.

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YouTube optimization helps you make your YouTube channel fully functional, effective, and search-friendly for in-app users and users who arrive through search engines.

Here’s how you can fully optimize your YouTube channel for greater visibility and traffic:

YouTube Channel Homepage

Your YouTube channel homepage is the first thing from your channel a viewer will see so you need to optimize it to look good and make a good impression. Here are some steps you can take to optimize your YouTube channel.

  • Create a profile photo

A profile photo is your YouTube channel icon and pops up anywhere you leave a comment. Use a clean, clear, and uncomplicated photo to avoid clutter since the profile picture appears very small on the screen.

  • Choose a channel trailer

Your YouTube channel trailer is a video that auto-plays when someone visits your channel. You could do a one or two-minute voice-over video telling people what your YouTube channel is about.

  • Create playlists

As part of optimizing your YouTube channel, you can also create playlists featuring your best videos in different sections (with up to 10 sections). To create a playlist, simply go to your channel, click on ‘customize channel’ and click the playlist tab. Then, click the new playlist button and click create desired playlists. In addition to your own content, you can feature content from other YouTube channels on your page.

Use Keywords for Tags, Titles, and Descriptions

When people search for videos on YouTube, the first thing they get attracted and drawn to is the title of the video. Your title tag will determine whether a viewer will watch your video or not.

Keywords also play a vital part in your videos as they determine whether your videos will be found when searched for or not. Also, YouTubeuse keywords to figure out how to associate your video with similar videos and this will strengthen your reach.

Outsource Everything

While growing as a creator on YouTube, the process of editing your videos which includes merging video clips, adding pictures, looping, and adding music is probably the most essential part of starting a meditation YouTube channel.

This process could be tiring and confusing for beginner creators that do not have the skill or time to timely kill this part. However, the good news is you can outsource this process to freelancers and video editors on Fiverr or Upwork. Just go on to any of those freelancing platforms, search for “meditation” and freelancers skilled in the niche will pop up.

Tips for Outsourcing Videos

  • Be open to learning different ways of editing and suggestions (let professionals do their job).
  • Make detailed notes about how you want your video to be, how long you want it to last, and any other essential elements, and send it to your video editor.
  • Find examples of edits you want to be used from other YouTube channels on mediation and show this to your video editor.

Outsourcing Thumbnails

Creating compelling thumbnails is another thing you can do to grow your YouTube channel. It’s advisable to keep your YouTube thumbnails consistent with the structure and branding of your channel so it will be easy to produce images for new videos.

Tips for outsourcing your thumbnails

  • Find examples of thumbnails from YouTube that have caught your attention and show it to the freelancer to recreate it in a test.
  • Provide text ideas and suggestions for each thumbnail (or pay instead, for full service).
  • Ask for two or three thumbnails for each video and test them out with friends on Facebook before uploading.

Promoting Your YouTube Channel

Promoting your YouTube channel is a huge step to getting people to see your content. However, this is a step you can outsource. Hiring promotion for your YouTube channel is of three types:

  • Social Media Strategy

This involves sharing your videos across your social media accounts and also engaging in groups to promote the channel as well.

  • Advertisements

This involves building Ad campaigns on YouTube, Google, and other social media platforms.

  • YouTube Collaboration

This is another great way to reach new audiences from other YouTube channels through collaboration. You’d have to find someone who is very experienced in connecting with people.

Promotion is a creative task and can be done with different strategies. You might not agree with your freelancer but be sure they know what they are doing.

Plus, you could test a few freelancers on smaller campaigns before hiring them for a long term contract.

Scripting Content (Voiceovers)

This is a huge part of your YouTube video and most times, it’s usually expensive to find freelancers that can script videos in your natural voice.

That doesn’t mean you can’t outsource this part of your content.

You can hire virtual assistants to help you with generating ideas, doing research on popular keywords, and creating video scripts for your channel.

Your team contributes to ideas and direction for content strategy. You can let your freelancer review the drafted script and suggest ways to engage and interest viewers.

Outsourcing tasks for your YouTube channel is a means of creating a great team for your YouTube channel. You just have to make a decision on what level of experience you want your hires to possess.

If you employ a well-qualified individual, you will have to pay more. But if you hire someone with less developed skills, you will pay less but spend more time training them for the role (which might take at least three months).

Keep an open mind to their ideas and be ready to accept change if it will help grow your YouTube channel.

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Final Words

To make videos for your mediation YouTube channel, you don’t need any fancy equipment to make your videos.

You only need a phone to record voiceovers and a free editing app to edit the videos on.

Also, you can get free stock pictures from Pixabay, Pexels, and Envato elements and also get music from the YouTube music library.

I really hope this article has been able to guide you on how to make money from your meditation channel.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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