How To Make Money Online During Quarantine


The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a lot of problems and one major one is income generation.

Do you think people are not spending money right now? They are.

People are spending money and do you ever wonder where they get the money from? Online. Thanks to the computer and the internet, there are ways of getting money without contact with people (whether you need to replace your source of income or you need extra money).

You’re probably thinking that you might have to spend a lot of money when it comes to making money online but they are ways in which you can get started with money as low $1.99.

Most Brick and Mortar businesses are in business right now and if most of those people would use their talents, they can use those talents to make money online.

You are probably thinking that you don’t have any skill and that you don’t know anything that nobody else wants to know, that’s a lie.

I have a mentor that was familiar with something, went on youtube watched like a five-minute video, and learned something from that five-minute video. He then turned around, taught it to someone else and it’s one of his biggest hits. So even if you know just a little bit, you can still do something with it.

I got another coach of a course, he thought he can’t work right now because of everything going on so he started learning how to make like tables and he covers them. He started a youtube channel and in little or no time, he is doing so well.

There are also a bunch of side hustles you can delve into like being a social media manager, copywriter, and a whole bunch of other areas. Here are a few ways you can make money online during this quarantine.


An online job is a job you can do from home or a location without going to a specific physical location. There are lots of online jobs and a virtual assistant is one of them.

A virtual assistant (VA) is a contractor who provides administrative services for clients while operating from a place apart from the client office, mostly at home.

Virtual assistants are popular and needed in all kinds of areas. One of those areas is the online marketing area. Companies and businesses need help with content creation, social media marketing, and more so what they do is to hire a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant gets paid especially in the US between like $10 to $15 an hour. If you’re looking to hire somebody, you can hire someone overseas because they get paid a lot less. Being a virtual assistant is a good way to earn money during this quarantine because you have an administrative job at home which means you get fewer contacts with people.


A freelancer is an independently employed person who doesn’t have to commit to a single long term employer. They work for different companies or clients. Some of the freelancing jobs are web development, writing, accounting, teaching, graphic design, and others.

There are two most popular freelancing sites: Upwork and Fiverr. And you can either put yourself out there on the site by becoming a freelancer or you can hire freelancers for a drop servicing job.


Upwork is a freelancing site with categories in writing, graphic design, web development, digital marketing, and others. If you have a talent in any of the fields listed above, you can open an account and have a profile on Upwork. Choose a membership plan, put yourself out there, and start making money.


Fiverr is another freelancing site with categories in writing, photo editing, video editing, programming, and more. You can create an account on Fiverr with ease, put yourself out, and start earning money.

Upwork is great for larger, long-term projects while Fiverr gives you more short-term, simple, and easy gigs. If you are not really good at what you do, take a course or watch videos pertaining to the field. I had a friend who learned something online and in like a couple of days, he was really good at it. If it is going to take you a couple of days or weeks, learn that skill, put your stuff out, then you can start making money through it.


These are businesses that you can do online and generate revenue online also. An example of such online businesses is selling online courses.


Online courses are getting so popular and there are various sites where you can create and sell courses.

For example, Skillshare pays you as a course owner based on the share of minutes watched. Kajabi is another online course platform that’s really popular and gives you marketing features, checkout pages, and more.

Teachable is a platform where people can share their knowledge and get paid. You can easily create an online course or coaching business with it. You can also put your videos on Udemy and get passive income because it stays there once it’s done. And the more that people check it out and buy it, you’re going to make money for years.


E-commerce is any kind of business transaction that is conducted online. There are paid and free e-commerce platforms. This really depends on your product, marketing, and niche but on average, a new e-commerce company can make around $40,000 in their first month of business.

There are various e-commerce platforms and two of the most popular platforms are Shopify and Commerce HQ.


Shopify is a software service that offers you to create an e-commerce site and use their shopping cart solution to showcase, sell, ship, and manage your products.

Using their service, you get easy access to an admin panel where you can add products, process orders, ship products, and enter store data. Shopify is a well-known eCommerce platform provider with over one million stores, 2.1 million active users, and $155B+ worth of sold goods on its platform.

Their plans start from $29/month. They have a payment processing platform and give substantial discounts on shipping rates. To sell products on Shopify, all you have to do is open an account with Shopify, customize your store, upload products, and set up payments and shipping and you’re good to go.


Commerce HQ is one of the most commonly underutilized storefront solutions for e-commerce designed for a very specific purpose. E-commerce business owners wanted a platform where they could encourage higher conversions.

Commerce HQ was built for this. Using Commerce HQ, there is no need to worry about paying a series of fees for every aspect of the store and its features. You can have just one simple monthly payment plan. Rather than having to create a new account for every new store and paying for every new store along the way, Commerce HQ helps you create new stores all under the same account.

At a base level, the difference between Commerce HQ and Shopify is the apps that come fully integrated with Commerce HQ. Almost all these apps are free and come from a feature called the free app store.

I am going, to be honest, and tell you that I lean more towards commerce HQ. Shopify is really good but what Shopify does not tell you is once you get on the platform to use a bunch of additional features, you have to pay and it adds up so much. While in Commerce HQ, you don’t have to pay for any additional features and they’re the only solution place that does this.


There are many other ways to make money from home during quarantine but these options I listed above are the easiest and cheapest.

You just need to do little research and decide what will work best for you. Once you figure out the right avenue, you have no restrictions to convert your extra time into some cash for some useful spends you have been waiting for.

If you would like to see what I think is the easiest way to get started earning money online then check it out here.

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