How To Start A YouTube Channel On A Budget In 2021 [Beginner’s Guide]

There is something powerful about getting on video and sharing it with the world. It has a way of making you feel content and happy.

How amazing is it that you can feel that way and still make money?

YouTube is one of the most popular online platforms in the world.

With over 2 billion users, hundreds of hours of videos uploaded every minute, and over 1.2 billion hours of videos watched every day, it is no wonder why people are hopping onto this platform and making much revenue from it.

The clarity of YouTube is one of the reasons why it became very popular. One of the other reasons is that YouTube makes it easy for creators to share their content with plenty of followers.

And as a result, there’s a wide range of niches to choose from. So whether it’s, product reviews, gaming channels, beauty tutorials, or hours of unboxing videos — YouTube possesses it all.

In the millions of YouTube channels out there, there is a guarantee that you will find at least a few that will make you fascinated. On Youtube, there is always something for you to post videos content about.

In this article, you are going to learn how to start a YouTube channel in 2020 with exactly what you have and stand out at the same time.

You will learn how to start when you are not even ready.

Let’s dive in.

What Is YouTube?

YouTube is a platform that allows the sharing of videos online which in turn makes it easy for users to view these videos.

The platform makes it easy to create and post content and share it with others. Created in 2005 by 3 former Paypal employees and obtained by Google the next year for over $1.5 billion, YouTube is the second most-searched-for platform in the world.

How To Create A Youtube Channel

It’s really easy to create a YouTube channel. Here are tips to follow to create a YouTube channel for yourself or business today.

  • Create a Youtube account. For this, you need a Google/Gmail account
  • Choose a niche
  • Log in to YouTube and click on your profile and create a YouTube channel
  • Add a profile picture of yourself or your brand
  • Add links to your social media accounts and website to your profile
  • Add the right keywords to your title so your videos can be found when searched for

Developing and building a YouTube channel takes a lot of effort.

Many people suffer from collapse and exhaustion and quit. YouTubers have many ups and downs through the years, as it is fully normal. But success is always just around the corner

The most important element to creating a youtube channel is that you have to put in a lot of time and commitment.

Most YouTubers quit their jobs and focus on their channel. Consistency is important because you want your audience to form a habit around watching you and get used to seeing your videos.

Ensure that you post at least one video per day or per week as a beginner. I truly believe that if you put your mind to it and if you show commitment enough to succeed, you will make it happen and reach your goals on YouTube.

Tips On Creating A Youtube Channel

#1: Know Your Audience & Target Market

You cannot sell or appeal to everybody. You have to strategically choose your niche and find out which particular set of people are interested in your niche. Those people are your target market.

When you start a YouTube channel, it’s important to know your target market. This means persistently conversing with your viewers mostly in the comments section.

Some YouTubers wake up at 5:30 in the morning to read and reply to comments on their YouTube channel. If you are well informed on your audience, you will know what they’re going to watch and you will post content about that.

Monitoring your audience needs will require you to stay on top of trends. Your audience will want new things, and it is your job to find and share new ideas with them.

#2: Know What Problems Your Channel Solves

When you give your audience a lot of helpful content that is helping them solve their problems, they will stay with you for a long time. They will come back and visit your YouTube channel more often.

Are you teaching something? For example, some YouTubers teach mathematics on their channel.

Are you creating entertainment? For example, some YouTubers post reviews and reaction videos to songs or movies on their channel.

Or are you building something?

You have to make your channel valuable and mean something worthwhile to visit or you won’t have many audiences.

#3: Stand Out From Your Competitors

Stand out with your YouTube channel by looking for something unique that you can do in your niche.

You should introduce features that work in other niches into your own. Focus on what is unique about you and implement it.

For example, I think I’m the only silly person that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing using YouTube.

But first, I was going to try to be like all the other serious guys you see in my Niche because that’s what everybody did. But it just wasn’t me and so I didn’t want to.

Eventually, I ended up going with what I knew and being myself and I’m glad I did that because I get lots of compliments most of the time.

I’m educational and entertaining at the same time so I think you should find out what makes you different in your niche and do it.

#4: Be Clear On Your Message

Make sure you’re clear and concise on the message of your YouTube channel.

You can make a banner that tells your audience what your YouTube channel is all about. This is so that your audience will understand what your channel is all about and not be confused or mistaken.

The more specific your YouTube channel’s message is, the stronger your audience will become.

#5: Stop Thinking You Need Fancy Equipment

You don’t need to buy any fancy equipment to get started with your YouTube channel.

If you don’t have the money to get a high-end camera, you can simply use your phone to make videos.

You can also use your computer with a web camera instead of using a tripod while filming.

Plus, you can use an ironing board to place your lights on, you will find it easy to set your phone against a rock.

This way, you can grow with what you have, and then you can invest in better equipment when you make sufficient money.

#6: Invest In Yourself

There are ways to develop your YouTube channel and work with a YouTube coach that has experience.

When you have the money, invest in yourself, and get a course or a coach.

Coaches are there to help you out with anything you do. Getting a coach will save you time, effort, money, and even more importantly, headaches.

Investing in yourself is the best thing you could spend money on because it makes you that much closer to achieving your goals.

#7: Just Do It

Don’t overthink and just do it!

You know deep down that you want to start a YouTube channel, especially if you have come this far in this article.

So just begin your YouTube channel already. Don’t spend any more minutes thinking about it.

Nothing will be accomplished by thinking about everything that could go wrong.

Sure, the feasibility of failing is real but failure is not lasting, and what if you succeed?

What if you become popular?

What if you become rich?

What if people like you?

Focus on the positive and make the choice to begin your own YouTube channel today.

Final Words

If you want to start and develop your YouTube channel, you should start testing and learning what works for you and stick to these tactics.

Staying firm to your brand is as important as your character. Keep checking for any changes and trends and see how they are influencing your follower’s behavior.

Create quality, video content for your audience, grab their attention, hook your audience, stick to your word, and deliver on your promises.

You might not have a lot of people watching you but be consistent and your channel will become bigger.

If you are interested in checking out the course I am in that helps me learn everything there is to know about YouTube then get My FREE YouTube Checklist and check it out!

Which tip spoke to you the most? Let me know by commenting down below.

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