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Have you ever had a 9-5 that you were not happy at and simply wished you could work from home? Maybe even start your own online business!

I want to tell you why I no longer have a 9-5 and why I started an Online Business and the best part is that I could help you do the same.

I was a Sr. Network Engineer with a very established company.  I have actually worked in Information Technology for over 20 years. To tell you the trust I actually liked my job.  I liked what I did and everyone I worked with.  It was as if everyone was like my second family.  During the last two years I worked there through the company got sold and the new people were not as let's say family-friendly.

I had already had an e-commerce store I worked on at night on the side.  It wasn’t doing that great so I had decided to look into a software called ClickFunnels which is a funnel builder software.  I had several people tell me about it and that it could really help my business. This is when I then learned who Russel Brunson was.

Holly cow this funnel stuff is pretty amazing!

Once I started working with ClickFunnels and found out what a powerful funnel builder tool it was all over, SOLD!  If your not sure what ClickFunnels does!  It helps businesses market, sell, and deliver their products in an online sales funnel.  Once I fell in love with the software I found out that they have an affiliate program that pays pretty decent.

Shelly Hopkins

Before I Go Any Further Lets STOP Right There! In order to have any successful online business, you have to have a pretty powerful WHY!

What I mean by that is why are you doing it in the first place?  What was the reason that got you to thinking about creating your own online business?  This is very powerful stuff and please do not try to start your own online business before you know you're why.  It is the most important thing in your business and it is what will drive you to success.

Let's proceed with my why:  I found out that not only myself but that there was a huge chance that the new company I was with could possibly get rid of my department.  Again, these were rumors but more and more people were getting laid off so let's just say I was pretty nervous.  I mean, we are taught that the only way is to work a 9-5 right!

I am a single mom to a wonderful little girl who is my whole world.  She relies on me to be there and to provide for her.  Once I heard about the other layoffs I started worrying about how I would support her and what I needed to do so I started looking for another job.  It is tough when you have been somewhere for 11 years.  I also found out that all of the Information Technology positions that seemed to be open where on the other side of Tulsa, which is 60 minutes away from me.  I thought about it and even though it would be a job I wouldn’t get to spend any quality time with my little girl during the week.  I decided to stay at the current job and wait it out.

There are real ways to eventually quit your 9-5.

The more I started to learn about ClickFunnels affiliate program the more I started researching.  I found out that there are a ton of successful people that do nothing but affiliate marketing.  The obsession began!  I love helping others and my favorite part about affiliate marketing was that I could actually help people start their online business and how to do affiliate marketing.  In the end, everyone wins because you get the help needed and I get a portion from the company.  I quit my e-commerce site and started to really focus on creating my own online business that focuses on helping businesses and entrepreneurs with online marketing, affiliate marketing, and motivation.

Now I am not saying that you can’t be successful with e-commerce because I know several people that are.  I mostly liked the part about not having to deal with customer complaints, they didn’t get their shipment, and stuff like that.  I also found out that you need to give any online business at least 2 years and I only gave mine a year.

Affiliate Marketing is simply selling other people's products.  You help out with the front end and let that company deal with the back end.  You have to pick your niche and find good company’s to promote but I will talk about that on another post.

I lost my job!

I worked for the new company that took over for two years then my entire department was laid off on April fools day, yes exactly!

I knew I would get unemployment so I told myself I could succeed with my online company and that I would just make it work.  After all, I had to because I have the most powerful why.

If you really want an online business do what needs to be done and don’t give up on yourself!

I wish I could end this article by telling you that I buckled down and started seeing success automatically but that would be a lie.  Success isn’t easy to come by or else everyone would have it!  It has been six months now and I honestly can tell you I have screwed up more than I have succeeded but yes I am starting to actually see some good results.

I want to give you the best advice I could possibly give someone who is serious about starting their own online business.  I spent over $5000 in the beginning on so many different courses and such… All I really needed to spend was $107.  You probably do not believe me but I am serious.  ClickFunnels has a One Funnels Away Challenge that guides you step by step on launching your first (or next) funnel and the Challenge is only $100.  The $100 helps cover the creation of your challenge kit materials but if you include the value and all of the bonuses it’s worth way over $3000.  The other is a 15 Day Business Builder Challenge that Legendary Marketer has.  It is the best training I have ever seen for $7 and it teaches you how to set up your actual business.


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