TikTok Marketing Strategy Tips And Tricks

TikTok Marketing Strategy Tips And Tricks


Tiktok has moved from being basically nothing to being one of the most downloaded apps in the world, Known in China as Douyin, Tiktok is a Chinese video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based Internet technology company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. With over 750 million installs, it is no wonder. that marketers have begun to see and utilize the potential of this platform. What then is TikTok?

What is TikTok.

Tik Tok (formerly known as musical.ly) is a social media platform used for creating, sharing, and discovering short music videos, think Karaoke for the digital era. The app musical.ly was used by young people as an outlet to express themselves through singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-syncing.
This is an app for pure entertainment so why and how would marketers want to advertise on this platform?
Marketers use this platform because the younger generations are highly pessimistic about traditional advertising. They mostly have ceased watching mainstream television, listen to the radio less, and receive more of their news via social media than via the newspaper. They use ad blockers online making much of the more online marketing pointless.
However, many of them do spend time on TikTok, an average of one hour per day, and they take notice of their favorite TikTok influencers. So it is safer to say that Tik Tok marketing is one of the best ways of advertisement nowadays.

Here of the tips and tricks useful in Tiktok marketing:

This style of creating content has happened before and will continue to move forward on other platforms but I think TikTok is here to stay. You might have heard of something called vine many years ago, it has been stated that many of the creators that started on that platform moved to other platforms like youtube and this might not be the best example but like Jake and Logan Paul started on the vine. I just to give you an idea of how to communicate in these
short small videos using text and worlds and grabbing people’s attention. You can
Actually translate this to other things like Instagram stories, Facebook stories, or
short clips on those platforms or the next platform that comes along that has this style of marketing.


1 Results Videos
2 Modelling Trends Videos
3 Duet Videos
4 How-To Videos
5 Video Reply

A result video is a video you do of online sales, you make a video of your sales thereby giving a call to action to go to your website. You could record your screen thereby making a video, it is a great way of advertising.

A modeling trend video is a video you do following the popular trend of the product you are advertising. To see trends on the TikTok app, you click on the discover button and you’ll see all the trends. A lot of trends happening now are mostly about dance and silly things but you can actually search for your particular area. Let’s say if I wanted to do affiliate marketing, I would just search say affiliate marketing and it’ll give me all the top users or the top trending videos or top sounds I can use and the top hashtags. So what I would do is essentially go to one of these videos and instead of wasting a great deal of effort and time creating something that already exists,l would watch the video and make your own version of this video. For example, if
there’s an advertisement on a t-shirt app or something along those lines that you can use, you can change it out to a different company or product, not t-shirts but use the style, the speed, and the fonts.

A TikTok duet is a video that gets placed beside another, so they can be watched simultaneously in the app. (A split-screen, to put it another way.) The duet might be with your own videos or other TikTok users. In duets, you are just adding your own take with overlays
Then you are sharing it with the same or similar hashtags that he used and if you want to do a duet on the app, you click the three dots in the bottom, go to duet and it’ll automatically pop up. You can watch the video and record yourself. Duets are super powerful so don’t neglect them


How-to videos are videos where you literally teach people. It’s a clear set of steps to accomplish the task at hand. At the end of the video, the viewer should be able to take the same steps and accomplish what they set out to learn. On TikTok, you can only post condensed videos, for example, to make a how-to video, break it down into 15 seconds to one minute. You can just record your screen, don’t worry about getting all fancy. A lot of people are doing great with just recording their screens

A Video reply is a kind of video you make to reply to someone’s comment. To make a video reply, you click on inbox, find someone’s comment, click on it and it will open up TikTok, and you click on it again and a little camera pops up. You can actually save a video reply and what you do with saved videos is that you can save it on your Facebook, Twitter, and all other platforms.

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1 Add Text in Videos
2 Add Trending Effects
3 Add Trending Music
4 Add Hashtags and Keywords
5 Add Call To Action
6 Add your website on screen, comments, and bio

It is usually cool to wait for the video to play for a second before adding the text so it kind of triggers them and interrupts their pattern a little rather than starting with it right on the video.

These are little things there that can help you keep people engaged, for example, adding text that complements what you say in a video, making a face that was speaking with a book rather than typing that all out. Just add something that amplifies your thoughts.


In creating a video, it is always important to add music and if you don’t need music what you
can do is to reduce the volume of the music.
So, if I was creating a TikTok video, filming my screen, I would select a song, click the volume, and turn it all the way down. That way it’s going to be populated with those trending videos to get more attention but it won’t be overlaying and overbearing your actual tech talk.

They are words or phrases you type when searching for a particular area. it’s important to know not to fill up your screen depending on what your video is if you’re putting text in your videos sometimes too many of these hashtags can actually overwrite your actual talk. It is also good to mix and match your niche with general or focused.

There are five things that you can focus on and always ask for one of these in your
video. Try not to ask for ten thousand because a confused mind always says no,
Ask for a like
Ask for a follow or you can put the text on the screen like and follow and not actually say it.

Ask for a comment: Comments are great because they create those opportunities for reply videos which are really great because people like that one-on-one
Ask for people to check out your offer: obviously, we’re all here for is to drive traffic to our offers.

A shout out: which is hey go check out this person’s channel and you can add their user’s name in the description of your video to get more attention, help kind of grow together, share content, and kind of cross-pollinate.

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TikTok marketing strategy for business now has set trends, has popularity, and reach capabilities which are rising with each month passing by, and marketers must consider giving it a try this time if they haven’t.
With a little bit of creativity, TikTok offers promising opportunities for brands. You don’t even need to have a huge budget for advertising the best opportunities are all there for you to try. Test and try new campaign ideas and see how well it will work for you.

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