How To Make Money Online With Walmart Affiliate Program 2021


Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of making money online with ease.

Due to the rising growth of affiliate marketers, it is evident that this make-money-online method is here to stay.

By definition, Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting another person’s goods or services in exchange for a commission when you make a sale.

The work of an affiliate marketer is to find good networks to be a part of, look for good products to promote and sell to their audiences.

According to statistics, about 80% of publishers and advertisers in the US are involved in affiliate marketing.

And most online shoppers usually search for information on Google before they make a purchase.

This shows that affiliate marketing is one of the most sought-after ways of getting revenue online.

There are various kinds of affiliate programs you can join such as the Amazon affiliate program, eBay affiliate program, and a lot more.

One of the most popular affiliate programs you can join is the Walmart affiliate program.

Walmart is one of the biggest stores with lots of products to promote and they have an affiliate program that lets you earn commissions when you make sales.

In this article, you’ll learn what the Walmart affiliate program is and how to make money online with it.

Let’s dive in!

About The Walmart Affiliate Program

The Walmart affiliate program is an affiliate program where you can get rewarded for promoting Walmart products on your website.

In this program, you insert links and ads on your website and refer customers to Walmart. If they buy through your link or ad, you earn a particular amount of commission.

Sounds interesting right?

The more people make purchases through your links and ad, the more affiliate commission you earn.

How To Join The Walmart Affiliate Program?

Joining the Walmart affiliate program is very simple. One of the benefits in the process of joining the program is that you don’t have to pay to join the program.

It is completely free for anyone who wishes to join the Walmart affiliate program.

Here’s how to join the Walmart affiliate program:

  • Go to the Walmart affiliate program registration page.
  • Click on the sign-up link on the application page to sign-up for the Walmart affiliate program.
  • You’ll be asked your name, address, location, company name, website URL, and some other important information.
  • After signing up, you’ll need to wait until you are approved as their affiliate. This waiting period usually takes 24 hours.
  • Then, you will be provided with various banner ads, as well as text links that you can post on your website to promote their products.
  • If you are approved to join the Walmart affiliate program, you get Information on their top-selling products which you can use to advertise their products on your website.

Walmart Affiliate Program Commission Structure

Walmart is a company that makes a lot of money selling its products. But the cost incurred in advertising, shipping, production, and more is huge which is reflecting in their affiliate commission rates.

The commission you get paid as a Walmart affiliate differs and depends on the product category.

For most of the categories on Walmart, the affiliate commission goes between 1% and 4% which is good because most of the categories on Amazon are 3%.

Also, Walmart offers referrals from clicks within three days. This means if someone clicks on your affiliate link, they have three days to buy the product and you get rewarded for the sale.

Most other places like Amazon offer a cookie duration of just a day.

How To Research Keywords To Promote Walmart Products?

There are two easy ways (and tools) of doing keyword research for affiliate marketing successfully without spending a penny.

#1: Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest allows you to get keyword insight into the strategies that are working for others in your niche so you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge.

The tool is one of the cheapest and it has a free version. There’s a paid version but we don’t need it.

When you search for your desired keyword in Ubersuggest, you’ll get really high ratings and search metrics.

Also, you can try the paid version if you want but if you’re new and just starting out, then you shouldn’t worry about the paid version right now.

To generate keywords with Ubersuggest, all you have to do is go into the Keyword Analyzer and type in your desired keyword to start the process.

It’s quite simple and easy to use.

#2. Everywhere

Using this tool, there’s a little trick to find keywords you’re looking for.

To start, you need to install a little chrome tool called “Keywords Everywhere”. And after you install it, click on the K icon in your browser extension field to turn it on.

This is a great tool to get tons of keywords and search data but it is paid and not free.
After you turn it on, you can type in your desired keywords in the search bar and get relevant search metrics.

This tool is awesome because it gives you search suggestions about your keyword and also tells you exactly what people are looking for on Google. This type of keyword insight is invaluable for search marketers for some reasons:

  • You get to get to know your audience and understand what keeps them up at night.
  • It helps you target the right keywords.
  • It helps you optimize for long-tail keywords and phrases.
  • It helps you answer key questions that can get you into Google’s featured snippets.

Also, you can do a comparison to your desired keyword on Walmart to see the numbers and understand the potential the keyword has.

Then, when you’re done with the keywords tool, you can simply just turn it off.

Now, I know you might be asking:
“What am I supposed to do with my affiliate link?”
“Where do I go to get my affiliate link?”

Firstly, you have to get into your Walmart to get your links out for desired products you want to promote.

Once you get your links, you can start promoting Walmart products online. The easiest place to do this is on Facebook. Posting your Walmart affiliate link on Facebook is helpful and it’s one of the fastest places to get clicks.

Another idea is Facebook groups. In Facebook groups, you can join so many groups in your product niche and go there to interact with the audience, provide value and then advertise your products.

You need to interact with them so you’ll understand their pain points and know the exact products they need. And you can send them a link to your products if it’s something they’re interested in.

Another great example is starting an affiliate blog. So many people are in this space and do this which is quite simple. All you have to do firstly is come up with a topic. Then, you use your blog to offer real value to your niche audience, establish yourself as an authority in the marketplace, share case studies to build trust, and get more leads for your business.

You can visit to get several ideas on blog topics to cover in your niche. It’s quite simple! You just sit and write about a topic. And if you don’t like writing blog posts, you can simply go on Fiverr and pay somebody to do it for you.
You can pay people to help you write on your blog which is okay. All you need to do is to go to Fiverr, find somebody that’s good and then outsource your blog writing to them.

You can also explore Medium which is a good place to create online content. It’s free to use and you can easily go to the site and sign up. All you need to do is to write a story title, tell your story, type it in the Medium editor, and then publish it.
If you don’t have a website and don’t want to pay for any service, then Medium should be a top choice for you.

It’s free, easy and it’s popular. Many people will see your stuff on medium and the site will inherit Medium’s existing authority so it can rank high on Google.

How To Begin Your Business Journey on Medium?

In the following steps, you’ll be able to start a Medium account and start blogging on the platform.

  • Start with creating a perfect profile that has the power to speak up on your behalf.
  • Next, be determined to begin a well-organized publication.
  • Make use of the Import tool in Medium to transfer content from other places to your account. You can allot numbers to all the views on your article.
  • Interact with other reputed authors. You can go through their write-ups and use them as a guide to improve on your own. Medium collaboration is one thing that opens doors for increased networking. You can leave your comments on the work of other authors.
  • You can tag regular readers in your posts to get them interested in your new blog.
  • The image grids can be used where you want to amplify the content of your blog.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be worked on for adding popular keywords to the content. In a similar tone, the post titles can be created using 50-60 characters.

In addition to all this, it’s also to optimize your marketing strategy on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and even YouTube. You can always do a YouTube channel to promote your products and make money off the platform.

Some people do this all the time and especially when it comes to different products. You can do a product review by ordering the product yourself, do a video where you unbox it, and tell your audience about it in a video.

For people who don’t know to open a YouTube Channel, go on YouTube and search “how to create a YouTube channel for affiliate marketing”. You’ll find a video that tells you what to do step by step.

If you don’t have a YouTube channel currently, you’ll be tapping into an entirely new audience by starting one today. Billions of people use YouTube for various kinds of purposes. While some of your customers may prefer their information in written form, there will be others partial to a video or two.

It’s also free to upload videos to YouTube. This means you can be broadcasting to a potential audience of billions without paying a dime for the privilege. You can also begin to make money once you get so far in with the YouTube Partner program.

Final Words

Walmart’s affiliate program can be a full-time job or side hustle for you to make money online.

Whichever way, the program shows great potential considering the robust selection of product categories and the appeal the store has to online shoppers.

Walmart is a very big retail company with over a hundred stores throughout the United States.

And you’ll need a great deal of focus and energy to be successful in making money with the Walmart affiliate program.

The affiliate program is a great opportunity for promoting physical products of any kind.

Also, the company often organizes affiliate contests and is really good when it comes to keeping in touch with their affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketers should know that the commission rate is not as high as some alternative programs, but the wide range of products, resources, and creatives is a bigger advantage.

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It’s easy to join the Walmart affiliate program, as long as you meet the requirements. When you join, you can start using the strategies talked about above, and don’t be scared to experiment.

Got any more strategies in promoting products in the Walmart’s affiliate problems?

Let me know by commenting down below.

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